Gray's Auctioneers are a boutique auction house with over two decades of experience in the art business. They deal in fine & decorative arts, rare books, and collectible items.


Problem: When I joined Gray's in 2014, they were getting deeper into selling contemporary art, wanted to refresh their digital presence, and were starting to sell to more higher-end clients. They wanted their brand to evolve and reflect these changes.

Solution: Think of the last high-end luxury product that you bought. Perhaps it was a box of chocolates, or maybe a pair of shoes from a boutique clothing store. Chances are, that they came wrapped in a box, neatly tied with an expensive looking ribbon.

For Gray’s, I designed ribbon embossed with their name. The ribbon ran across everything from the website, to the tape that sealed envelopes, to the packages shipped around the world. It acts as a hypnotic, unifying force that ties the brand together.

Applied on a larger scale, the logo and the ribbon provide a design language and narrative that has both form and function, serving all of the auction house's needs.


UI/UX Design


Digital Experiences: In order to give Gray's a strategic advantage over other auction houses, I helped Gray's create a new in-house database software, a revamped website, and award-winning tablet and mobile apps. To take a look at the website, please click here.