Khuda Woh Waqt Na Laye

Faiz Ahmad Faiz was a Pakistani intellectual, revolutionary poet and author, and one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language, having been nominated for the Nobel Prize for literature.

Faiz was identified as an opponent of the Prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan's government in the Rawalpindi conspiracy case, along with the left-wing military sponsor Major-General Akbar Khan. The Military police arrested Faiz as a result, held to trial by its JAG branch, and given a long sentence. These were commuted after the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951.

Therefore, much of his work needs to be viewed from the lens of a rebel. The work of somebody put in prison for speaking against what he felt were "broken promises."

Below is original translation of a poem from his anthology titled

نسخہ ہائے وفا 

(Leaves of Fidelity)

خدا وہ وقت نہ لائے کہ سوگوار ہو تو
سکوں کی نیند تجھے بھی حرام ہو جائے
تری مسرت پیہم تمام ہو جائے
تری حیات تجھے تلخ جام ہو جائے
غموں سے آئینۂ دل گداز ہو تیرا
ہجوم یاس سے بیتاب ہو کے رہ جائے
وفور درد سے سیماب ہوکے رہ جائے
ترا شباب فقط خواب ہو کے رہ جائے
غرور حسن سراپا نیاز ہو تیرا
طویل راتوں میں تو بھی قرار کو ترسے
تری نگاہ کسی غم گسار کو ترسے
خزاں رسیدہ تمنا بہار کو ترسے
کوئی جبیں نہ ترے سنگ آستاں پہ جھکے
کہ جنس عجز و عقیدت سے تجھ کو شاد کرے
فریب وعدۂ فردا پہ اعتماد کرے
خدا وہ وقت نہ لائے کہ تجھ کو یاد آئے
وہ دل کہ تیرے لیے بے قرار اب بھی ہے
وہ آنکھ جس کو ترا انتظار اب بھی ہے

May god never bring a time when all you are is sad
When you can't get a peaceful nights rest
When joy becomes obliterated from your life
When your existence becomes as bitter as the taste of wine

When the mirror- your heart- reflects only grief
Restless, surrounded by the mob of despair
as if somebody smothered it with quicksilver, covered it with pain

When your youth is reduced to a dream
Your beauty becomes a supplication
When You too thirst for tranquility in those long dark nights
When your eyes seek the one who comforts you
Like an autumn stuck world that wishing for the gift of green

no forehead bows at your feet
So that you may get joy from his devotion
when you believe in the false promise of tomorrow
May god never bring that day, when you remember

The heart that still waits for you, restlessly
The eye that constantly searches for you.