Portafolio Inmobilario is a real estate conglomerate headquartered in Costa Rica.  As an intern at the design firm, Ologie, I was given the task of creating a brand identity for Portfafolio Inmobliario's project in San Jose.

Stationery Mockup 01-561.jpg

Problem: Portafolio Inmobilario are building a compound in Costa Rica. When they came to Ologie, they wanted a name and identity system for the project that expressed a few key things:

  1. The name should be in Spanish
  2. Should attract millennials
  3. Express ideas of community

Solution: My inspiration for the client struck me at a beach: everywhere I looked there were people peppered throughout the sand, basking in the sun. Children played near the water, artists painted. It seemed like a beautiful community. And that's when the word came to me: Resol —“Reflection of the sun on the earth.”



GT. Sectra is a font inspiredby history, born in modernity. It was the perfect choice because it blends the past and the future.

Like the sun bearing down on the beaches of Costa Rica, I wanted to create an identity system that was always evolving, but intrinsically rooted on the site of the compound. I created a logo of the sun playing with light and darkness; it consists of three concentric circles casting a shadow. On location, the circle and the sun would automatically create shadows; digitally, these shadows are controlled by a code that links weather data regarding the suns position relative to the compound. Thus, the shadows fulfill the compounds name and are a reflection of the sun on the earth.


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