The Literacy Project is a Columbus based non-profit with a mission to increase literacy awareness and raise funds for adult education through creative fund raisingand partnerships within the community.

 Business Cards

Business Cards


Problem: The client wanted a logo that would appeal to young professionals, would be eye-catching, and could be adapted to different mediums.

Solution: You may be thinking: “Why an owl?” There are several reasons behind this. To start with, let’s talk about what owls represent in our culture:

  1. They symbolize wisdom
  2. Associated with the mysteries of life
  3. They are observant creatures
  4. Have a strong association with books and literacy

In other words, they possess all of the qualities that a member of “The Literacy Project” might have. But why put an owl in a logo?”

Humans have a strong need to anthropomorphizing and emote. We tend to understand people and things relative to ourselves. That is why, when you see your pet make those sad, dopey eyes as you eat dinner, you can’t help but feel sorry and give them some of your food. That’s how you fall victim to their manipulative techniques.

The point is, we make things (both animate and inanimate) more human and therefore more relatable by projecting our emotions on to them.

All in all, the logo is creative, yet disciplined; fun, yet professional. It's legible; hits all the right notes on the visceral, behavioral and reflective level; and it embodies all the ideals that “The Literacy Project” wants to express.

To see the process booklet, please click here.