The Curiosity Cabinet is my thesis project at CCAD. It is part photo, part writing, part essay.

 Gallery Install

Gallery Install


Goals: Explores the unity between life using the ecosystem of the forest as a metaphor.

Result: The Curiosity Cabinet tells two stories: one is about the relationships and unity between lifeforms as evidenced in nature and explored through curiosity cabinets, while the other discusses the divisive damage that curated collections can cause on both our individual “self” and on society at large. The unity is explored through a series of 54 photographs shot against a black background and exhibited on a 16ft wall. The idea is for people to make connections between these objects and see how they are connected.

You can see the website for "The Curiosity Cabinet" by clicking here. The book is available in print from Amazon, and as an epubat Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play Books, and Barnes & Nobles.


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